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We provide workshops and coaching in business development (marketing, sales and service)
and professional development (“people skills”) – the skills of effective interpersonal communication,
leadership, and conflict prevention and management – with heavy emphasis on conflict prevention.

Clients describe our communication skills workshops with phrases like, “Down-to-earth,” “Highly
interactive,” “Practical,” and “Mind-changing.” (Participants also tell us the content is as useful at home as at work.)
Participants in our marketing and sales workshops tell us they help them solve their toughest real-world challenges.

If you are an individual looking for coaching in leadership, communication, anger management,
conflict prevention and related skills, please note that we will soon release our first video-based online course,
“Managing Your Self: A personal development approach to highly effective leadership – at work,
and in every walk of life.” The course will be available on, “The world’s largest education site.”

Neil Godin International Inc. Vancouver, Canada.      Telephone 604.764.6632

Coming Soon:

Managing Your Self

A personal development approach to
highly effective leadership – at
work and in every walk of life.

Our first video-based on line course. Designed for leaders everywhere – from parents to CEOs.

Training in Marketing & Sales, Leadership, Team Building

Cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind, open heart and vibrant spirit.

Conflict Prevention

Conflict Prevention is our ‘Big Idea.’
The costs of conflict are enormous (in stress-related illness and so much more). But, with insight and skill, most conflict can be “stopped before it starts.”

Team building

Team Building

Participants say our workshops are as helpful in their personal lives as their lives at work. Our skill-building approach equips people to “attack the problem” – and protect each other – in difficult situations.

Sales training

Sales Training

We drill deep to uncover and act on opportunities to improve lead generation, objection handling, and ‘natural’ sales closing. Key: Helping salespeople become ‘trusted advisors’ to your customers.

Leadership and Team Building Workshops

Our in-house leadership and team building workshops focus on the practical skills people need to lead and participate effectively at work. We focus on building insight and awareness, then on skill-building, with emphasis on interaction and practice.

Break-through Coaching, Training and Speaking

From Marketing, Sales and Service, to Leadership, Team Building and Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Neil Godin International Inc. is a multi-faceted training, speaking and publishing firm primarily serving Canada and the US. As a speaker Neil Godin has entertained and inspired more than 300,000 people from coast to coast.

As a trainer and workshop leader he has written and delivered programs for many major organizations, including The Royal Bank, Telus, Shell, Ford, Dun & Bradstreet, McDonalds, Subway, KPMG, and the Governments of Canada, Ontario, and British Columbia, as well as numerous cities and towns, school districts, colleges, universities, and not-for-profit agencies.

As a hands-on business coach he has worked with hundreds of small to mid-size companies of every kind. (Note: Thanks to his association with BC Wood and FPInnovations, Neil has developed a special focus on value-added wood product manufacturers both in British Columbia and across Canada.)

A single source for both business development and ‘people development’

For many years we have served training and workshop clients with programs that focus on both business development (marketing, sales and service), and human development (leadership, team building, communication, and conflict prevention and resolution).

We believe strongly that delivering exceptional service is ‘the’ key to success for every kind of organization, and that people skills are essential for success in service delivery. (People skills training has additional benefits as well, including better management-staff relations, reduced stress and stress-related illness, improved performance, and better employee retention).

Sales Training and Marketing, Sales and Service Strategy

While most of our sales training clients are healthy businesses that want a rapid and significant increase in sales, we also work with small to mid-size companies in difficulty – where sales ‘always’ have to be doubled (or more) immediately. In our sales and marketing training programs, we share fast-acting strategies and skills that have been proven in the ‘trial by fire’ of this turnaround work – creative approaches that you can use to increase your sales rapidly as well – no matter what business you’re in, or what condition your business is in. We also offer cutting edge training in customer service, and in overall marketing, sales and service strategy. Please click here to learn more.

Leadership and Team Building Workshops

Our in-house leadership and team building workshops focus on the practical skills people need to lead and participate effectively at work. We focus on building insight and awareness, then on skill-building, with emphasis on interaction and practice. Please click here to learn more.

Call 1.800.563.4332 to discuss a workshop for your team.

Leadership Training

We begin with the insights and skills of self management - managing our reactions, our thinking, and our actions when envisioning, delegating, coaching and correcting.

Service Excellence

Exceptional service is the last sustainable competitive advantage. Learn to envision and enact a comprehensive service strategy that thoroughly differentiates you.


As a speaker Neil has addressed more than 300,000 from coast to coast in North America. Audiences love his warm, entertaining style and his mind-changing insights.

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Speaking with Warmth and Humor

Neil’s speaking engagements and workshops are best described as high-energy events that are content rich, entertaining and inspiring.
His warmth, humor and interaction with participants – often using a “roving mike” approach – make his presentations thoroughly engaging and memorable.

Presentations are customized to support your event theme

Call us at 604.888.4570 in the Vancouver area or toll free at 1.800.563.4332 (or email and let’s talk about energizing your next event.

MarkPopular topics include leading
and managing change; leadership and team building; creative sales and marketing – and conflict prevention and resolution.


“Packed houses in 54 communities… hard hitting… solid business building tips and techniques.”
Canadian Business Magazine

Selling in the Comfort Zone

How to grow your business without the rejection and stress of traditional selling.

A comprehensive guide to marketing and sales for business owners, enterpreneurs and professional sales people.

Comments From Clients and Participants

Neil Godin has entertained and inspired more than 300,000 people from coast to coast.

“Very motivating and interactive. Excellent real-life examples.”
Jocelyn McIntyre
Business in Vancouver
“Very effective speaker...really liked Neil’s delivery.”
Karen Erickson
Global TV
Very vibrant, creative…obviously expert in his field.
Eva Roberts
Vancouver Board of Trade
"I felt invigorated and charged with new tools to improve my personal performance."
Malcolm Hyndman
“Knowledge is power…knowing how to relay it is a gift…I’ve learned so much today...”
George Intile
ABC Pipe Cleaning Services Ltd.
“Relevant, informative, challenging…practical strategies.”
Marilyn Rathbun
Education Coordinator, Burnaby Hospital
"Just the shot in the arm that small business needs."
The Vancouver Sun
"I have never spent money on an intangible such as your service and received such dramatic results"
Matt Campbell, President
Campbell West Ltd., Road Building Contractors and Heavy Construction
"You are always a light of encouragement and a call to action when you come to talk to our people. Thank you for a first class job."
Eric Teggleberg
Former Western Retail Manager, Shell Canada Products
“Thank you so much for your (training program for community marketing representatives). Comments like…exciting …effective and helpful…positive and practical…dynamite…were just a few.”
Cathy Crockett, Former Community Marketing Manager
McDonalds Resaurants

Some of the Organizations We Have Served